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"The Portland Museum is an educational resource that exists to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and enhance the culture and heritage of Portland."



Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season

The museum will be closed from December 22 through January 5

Get Lost in History at the Portland Museum

Discover the charm of Portland, Louisville’s riverside community.

Explore Louisville’s river heritage through vivid dioramas, life-sized characters, automated sound track, documentaries, and much more at the Portland Museum.

Discover the Portland neighborhood, once an independent town below the Falls of the Ohio, through walking tours, restored historic properties, archaeology and interpretation at Portland Wharf Park, art exhibits, programs, and heritage events. The Museum’s Beech Grove Press features antique letterpress equipment where children and adults create handmade editions of broadsides and chapbooks.

Founded in 1978 by elementary school teachers, Portland Museum grew from a single classroom to its present location in Beech Grove, an antebellum “country seat” on the old road between Portland and Louisville. The Museum also owns, and is restoring, the Squire Earick House, an American Treasure, that may be the oldest house in Portland.

Come and explore Portland and its Museum. It’s guaranteed to be an exciting trip.

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